The Lasst Conjuring In Carce
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Poser4, Bryce4, UltraFractal, Photoshop6

... a blinding flash went from earth to heaven, and the firm floor....rocked and shook as with an earthquake. ... Crash after crash, after the listening ear was well nigh split by the roar, the horror broken out of the bowels of night thundered and ravened in Carce. Laughter, as of damned souls banqueting in Hell, rode on the tortured air. Wildfire tore the darkness asunder, .... as a last deafening crash shook the walls, and a flame rushed up the night, lighting the whole sky with a livid glare. ... the Iron Tower blasted and cleft asunder, and the next instant fallen in an avalanche of red-hot ruin.

from "The Worm Ouroboros"
by E. R. Eddison

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